Joker 2 Release Date Announced

Warner Bros. Picture announced the release date of Joker 2 today . The sequel to Joker, one of the most popular films of recent years , will meet with the audience on October 4, 2024 .

The official title of the film has been announced as Folie a Deux. According to the statements of Todd Philips , the director of Joker 2 , the beloved actor Joaquin Phoenix will revive the Joker character again .

Joker 2 Release Date Announced

Joker 2 Is Coming To Win An Oscar Again

After the Joker movie ‘s $1 billion box office and the numerous awards it garnered, the sequel was almost certain to arrive. 

The Joker movie directed by Todd Philips, which made a big hit in 2019, brought the famous actor Joaquin Phoenix the Best Actor Oscar. Todd Philips, who wants to be nominated for Oscars again with the sequel of the series, wants to prove how well a comic book movie can be processed. Scott Silver, the screenwriter of the first film, will also take part in Joker 2.

For now, there is no information on how the Joker’s story will continue. Scott Silver, who did not remain faithful to the comics in the first film, is expected to appear again with an original script.