It Was a Dream, It Didn’t Come True: Tesla Will Pay Back Cybertruck!


Cybertruck is undoubtedly one of Tesla’s most viral, popular and even the most interesting vehicles , because it attracted a lot of attention not only with its futuristic design, but also with its accident during the presentation. Such a beautiful vehicle was also incredibly late, with Tesla receiving 3 million pre-orders worldwide for the Cybertruck.

All four of Tesla’s factories have a production capacity of 1.9 million cars, clearly demonstrating that orders will not be delivered on time, let alone the long delays in the first place.


38 thousand pre-orders have been canceled, applications for refunds are open!

Tesla’s website in Australia has removed the Cybertruck model from its website, but the vehicle is still available for pre-order on websites in Norway, Germany, Sweden, France, Iceland and the Netherlands. The company stated that consumers who pre-order from Australia can apply for a refund.


The company has received an estimated 38,000 Cybertruck orders in total from Australia and will reimburse any pre-orders it receives. It seems likely that the company will not only be limited to this, but will pay for other pre-orders.

A maximum of 200 thousand pieces can be produced per year.

The most likely annual production number of the Cybertruck model will be between 150 thousand and 200 thousand units. This means quite a long delivery time, but the new selling price of the car may make the wait reasonable. Customers from outside the United States will purchase the Cybertruck at an even more expensive price and will have to resort to special imports.


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