Instagram Notification Problem and Solution

Instagram Notification Problem and Solution
Instagram Notification Problem and Solution

Instagram notification not coming issue occurs due to many reasons. The fact that the user does not receive notifications on Instagram causes them to not benefit from the application. Thanks to notifications on Instagram, users get information on many subjects. The shares of the people followed are displayed as a notification in the likes with the comments made on your posts and stories. However, from time to time, users may not receive notifications. There are several reasons for this situation. After determining the cause of the Instagram notification open but not coming problem, it is necessary to deal with the solution. So, what is the Instagram notification problem and solution?

Reasons for Not Coming Instagram Notification

Instagram notification not coming problem occurs due to several reasons. We can list these reasons as follows;

  • It should be checked whether the notifications on the phone are turned on. Notifications should be checked in the “Settings” section,
  • Click on the “Notifications” field,
  • On the screen that opens, the “Instagram application” option should be clicked,
  • At the last step, press the text “Show on lock screen”.

Thanks to the steps above, you will have learned about the smart devices side of the Instagram notification not coming problem, which has many causes. If you are having trouble receiving voice notifications as well as text notifications on Instagram, enter the “Settings” section. You can enable the sound notifications feature in the “Settings” section.

Instagram Notification Problem and Solution

Instagram Notification Problem and 9 Solutions

Instagram notification not coming problem is not only due to a reason. We can list the problem of not getting notifications on Instagram and its solutions as follows:

Controlling Instagram App Notifications

After checking the Instagram notifications on the smartphone, the application notifications should also be checked. Instagram notifications on Android and iPhone devices are controlled as follows;

  • Open the application and click on the profile icon in the lower right corner of the screen,
  • Touch “Settings” from the upper right corner menu icon on the screen,
  • Press the “Notifications” tab from the options that will appear,
  • In this section, notification settings are customized according to user request.

Low Power – Do Not Disturb Modes Control

Instagram notifications; When low power and do not disturb modes are turned on, it does not fall on the screen. Low power and do not disturb modes are available on both Android and iPhone devices. When do not disturb mode is on; Incoming message, incoming call notifications on Instagram account do not drop. low power mode; temporarily does not forward push notifications.


Update Check of Device’s Operating System

Instagram notification is on but not coming problem may be related to the device operating system. If the smartphone’s operating system is not up to date, Instagram will not receive notifications. After the phone’s operating system is updated, the user starts to receive notifications from Instagram. You also need to check if the phone is connected to the internet. If the phone is not connected to the Internet, the application will not receive notifications.

Instagram Notification Problem and Solution

Instagram Cache Control

If the Instagram cache is full, notifications cannot be received from the app. If the Instagram cache is full after checking, it should be cleared. On Android devices, you can log into the “Settings” application and clear the cache of Instagram. If it is on iPhone devices, Instagram should be deleted and reinstalled. There is no solution for deleting Instagram cache on iPhone devices like there is on Android.

Background Refresh Feature Check (iPhone)

on iPhone devices; It has a “Background Refresh” feature. iPhone users keep the “Background Refresh” feature turned off to prolong battery life. However, keeping this feature turned off causes Instagram notifications not coming. First of all, from the iPhone device; Settings> Instagram then “Background Refresh” feature should be activated.

Checking the Scheduled Summary Feature (iPhone)

iPhone devices have the “Scheduled Summary” feature. When this feature is active, the user starts to receive notifications in certain time periods. After the “Scheduled Summary” feature is disabled, notifications from Instagram start coming. The feature can be activated by following the steps in “Settings> Notifications> Scheduled Summary” from iPhone devices.

To solve the Instagram notification not coming issue, you can delete the application and reinstall it on your device.


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