Instagram Changes Photo Size

Instagram may have stopped the controversial design change, but that doesn’t mean the company plans to stop focusing on full-screen content. CEO Adam Mosseri confirmed today on the weekly Ask Me Everything program that Instagram will begin testing ultra-long 9:16 photos “in a week or two .”

Mosseri used the following statements on the subject:

“You could have long videos, but you couldn’t share long photos. So we thought we should treat them both equally and provide opportunities.”

Instagram Changes Photo Size

Instagram Prepares for a New Era in Photos

Currently, Instagram uses an image format of around 4:5 when displaying cropped vertical images , but adding support for thinner, longer 9:16 photos will help them fill the entire screen as you scroll through the app’s feed.

Instagram’s TikTok-like redesign has been criticized by some photographers for forcing all photos to display in an awkward 9:16 frame. The new homepage also added a readable watermark below the captions for easier reading, but this was unpopular as it spoiled the original look of the photographers’ work.