Instagram Account Stealing Methods: Beware!

Instagram Account Stealing Methods: Beware!
Instagram Account Stealing Methods: Beware!

What are the Instagram account stealing methods used by hackers ? Hackers are trying various methods to hijack social media users’ accounts. Among them, there are also methods sent to too many users. In this article, we have gathered together the methods that hackers use frequently. You should be wary of the methods in the list.

The image-based social media platform Instagram enjoys immense popularity around the world. The service is therefore a big target for computer users. Accounts can be stolen by some methods on the platform, which is used by millions of people all over the world.


Hackers aim to seize the accounts of social media users by applying a new method every day. For this reason, users need to be very careful when using the platform.

In the article we prepared, we explained some of the methods used by hackers to seize the accounts on the image-based social media platform. You can get information by examining the methods in our list. Thus, you can take precautions against these methods for the security of your account.

What are Instagram Account Stealing Methods?

  • Instagram copyright claim
  • Allegations of attempted hacking
  • Redirecting to fake shopping sites
  • Linking to file download sites
  • Stealing friend account and contacting
  • Taking the same username as a person’s account and adding a different letter to the end

Above are the account hijacking methods used by malicious people on the popular social media service called Instagram. You can take a look at the details of the methods in the list below.

Instagram Account Stealing Methods: Beware!

1. Instagram Copyright Claim

In the image-based social media platform, there is a method that has been used very often recently. Malicious people send a message to users via Direct Message (DM). It is stated that a share made in the content of this message has been found to be copyright infringement.

Users can share a lot of content during the day. Some of these content are also shared on the internet. As a result, many users think that they are facing copyright infringement.

The message, which has a content just like it was sent by Instagram, also includes the report ID to increase the level of believability. The message, which states that the user’s account will be permanently deleted within 48 hours, also states the rules that have been violated.

Users are given a link to provide feedback, but this link actually leads to a site created to hack users’ accounts. Note that Instagram will never DM any users. Don’t believe any of the people who introduce themselves as an Instagram official in the DM.

2. Alleged Account Stealing Attempt

In the social media application, which is used by millions of people around the world, there is also the claim of attempting to steal accounts among the frequently used methods with the aim of seizing accounts. Users need to be very careful with this method.

Hackers send emails to social media users. The email allegedly contained an attempt to steal an account. However, it is stated that users must change their password. A link for this action is included in the e-mail.

The link in the email leads to a malicious website. The information entered on the site is sent directly to the hackers. As a result, the account is stolen. For this reason, you should definitely check whether the addresses that send you e-mails are real. Otherwise, you may be deceived and your account may be hacked as a result.


3. Redirecting to Fake Shopping Sites

Shopping in the image-based social media application called Instagram is very popular. Malicious people use a method to turn the high shopping rate on the platform into an opportunity.

Malicious people create a fake shopping site by adding a letter to the link of a popular e-commerce site. If users don’t check the link carefully, they think the URL belongs to the popular e-commerce site and click it.

Clicking on the link in question causes users to lose their account. For this reason, you should be very careful with the links you click. It is a good idea not to click on links shared by people you do not trust.

Instagram Account Stealing Methods: Beware!

4. Linking to File Download Sites

There is another method that is widely used by hackers. Hackers use linking to download sites to hack users’ accounts. In this method, users are tricked and malware download is provided.

Users download the malware to their devices as a result of clicking on the link created by the hackers. Malware that infects a smartphone or tablet sends the person’s information to hackers. As a result, the account is hacked.

5. Stealing Friend Account and Contacting

Another method frequently used by malicious people is to steal the friend account and communicate. In this method, the victim’s friend’s account is stolen. Hackers contact the victim through the account they stole.

People click directly on links shared by their friends throughout the day without any hesitation. Hackers aim to abuse this trust in the said method. Therefore, users need to be extremely careful about messages from their friends.

6. Taking the Same Username as a Person’s Account and Adding a Different Letter to the End

There is another very dangerous way among the methods of stealing accounts on the image-based social media platform. Hackers take the same username as a person’s account and add a different letter to the end.

Other people think that the account belongs to that person if they don’t pay attention. So he can click on links from that person

Instagram Account Stealing Methods: Beware!

What to Do When Instagram Account is Stolen?

  • File a complaint.
  • Report the account.
  • Report the hack to Instagram.

There are important steps to take if your account in the social media application, which has a huge popularity around the world, is stolen. If you are faced with such a situation, it is of great benefit to take these steps.

If your social media account has been stolen, you can file a criminal complaint. In addition, you can have the account closed by complaining. Also, make sure to report the account theft to Instagram.


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