Important Issue of Google Play Store Fixed with New Update

Shortly after Google announced the Google Play system update for August 2022, several users reported that the Google Play system update experienced a bug that made the “Check for update” page inaccessible. According to reports covering devices running different versions of Android from various manufacturers such as Google, Samsung, Xiaomi, Nothing, and Motorola , this issue was quite common.

Aware of the problem that has been going on for a while, Google now seems to have fixed it with a new Google Play Store update .

On Pixel devices, the Google Play system update option is part of the Security center in device settings. It shows the date your device received the last Google Play system update, and tapping opens a “Check for update” page listing the “Last check for update” time, the current Android version, the date of the Google Play system. On devices from other manufacturers, the Google Play system update option is listed under security settings.

Google Solved The Error With The New Update Of The Play Store

Tapping the Google Play system update option on Pixel devices due to the aforementioned bug  was causing nothing and users were no longer able to access the “Check for update” page. On the other hand, the Google Play system update option had completely disappeared from the security settings on other manufacturers’ devices.

Google Play Store v31.9.20 fixes checking for Google Play system updates and this new version of Google Play Store is now available to users. After the update, users will be able to access the “Check for update” page again by tapping the “Google Play system update” option in the Security center on Pixel devices. The same page will also be available on devices from other manufacturers after the update.