How to Tell if a News is a Lie?

How to Tell if a News is a Lie?
How to Tell if a News is a Lie?

Thousands of fake news from the past to the present have entered our lives, some of them remind themselves from time to time, and some of them are already forgotten. Fake news pops up in many places. Social media is where it comes in the most . Shortly after the internet came into our lives, social media also entered our lives, and it brought fake news along with it Fake news is also referred to as fake news or asparagas . 

In short, it can be said that an event is told by distorting it or an event that has never happened is told as if it happened. Although many of these news are made for the purpose of distortion, some of them are made for irony . However, news made for irony can be accepted by people as real. This is a matter of human psychology . We may be more likely to believe distorted or ironic news . 


People generally find it more attractive to distort and distort an event . This situation leads to more fake news . Even if there are many people who believe in fake news , there are many people who can figure out that this is a lie. Moreover, it does not require a very difficult process to solve it. So how can you tell if a news is fake news?

How to Tell if a News is a Lie?

Fake News Detection Methods

  • Performing a reverse image search
  • Searching for news on different sites on the internet
  • Go to the source of the news
  • Researching the history of the news

Performing a Reverse Image Search

We know that not every news you see on the internet is true. However, we can know whether some news are true or not. This is where image search comes into play.

For example: You may see an image or video about a very wealthy person feeding animals every day and donating all his wealth to protect animals. To confirm the accuracy of the news here , take a screenshot from the photo or video and reverse search on Google Images or Yandex Images . Here, it may show that the image used in the news is an ordinary actor used in a foreign advertising campaign.

Searching for News on Different Sites on the Internet

You can use different websites to determine the accuracy of a news you see on social media or any news site .


For example: There was a tsunami of 80 meters in Japan . You saw a news called, you can find this news on foreign news sites by searching in English and you can see that the news is actually from a movie shoot.

How to Tell if a News is a Lie?

Going to the Source of the News

Going to the source of a news you see on social media or the internet is one of the best ways to confirm that news. In this way, you can find out whether the news is real or not.

For example: On the Internet, the American president announced his resignation . You’ve seen a news. The easiest way to verify this news would be to go to the official accounts of the American president or visit official websites.

Researching the History of the News

Many news are presented to people as if they are new news, even if they are old. By examining these news on different platforms, it can be confirmed whether it is old or new.

For example: North Korea is preparing for war. It has been published many times that a news titled has been shared hundreds of times before and actually practiced . The news is given an image as if it is new to attract attention. 

Using all of these steps together to confirm fake news can give very accurate results. Of course, there are many more steps. Detecting where the news took place by locating the example. If you are wondering how to find a location.  You can take a look at our article named website that finds the location of images with artificial intelligence .


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