How to Send Long Videos from WhatsApp?

How to Send Long Videos from WhatsApp?
How to Send Long Videos from WhatsApp?

WhatsApp long video sending process is one of the most curious topics about the popular application. Nowadays, a person prefers WhatsApp application to communicate with each other. Users may experience major problems with this application video submission. The problem of sending long video is bothering users very much. In this article, we will provide information on how to send long videos on WhatsApp.

How to Send WhatsApp Long Videos?

Sending long videos from WhatsApp is frequently preferred by users in social, business and school life. Users send videos via WhatsApp for various reasons. To send long videos from WhatsApp, some steps need to be followed. The following steps should be followed for “How to send long videos to WhatsApp” ;

  • First, log in to the WhatsApp application,
  • On the chat screen that will open, click on the “paper clip” icon in the message section,
  • Click on the “Document” tab,
  • By clicking on the “Browse other documents” option, the video you want to share is found,
  • After the video is found, the sending process is completed,

If the video to be sent is not visible on the screen, the three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen should be clicked. Thanks to the steps listed above, WhatsApp long video sending from all smartphones is performed. Thus, the video sending process will become a practical process instead of a problem.

How to Send Long Videos from WhatsApp?


How Many Minutes of Video Can WhatsApp Send?

Another issue that users are curious about in the WhapsApp application is how many minutes of video will be sent. So, how many minutes of video does WhatsApp send? Normally, videos of up to 16 MB are sent via WhatsApp. But with a practical operation, videos up to 100 MB can be sent from WhatsApp.

To send a long video on WhatsApp, click “Document”, not the gallery icon, as we mentioned above, after the “clip” icon. When you click on the “Gallery” tab, you will encounter the 16 MB limitation. Only videos exceeding 100 MB cannot be sent via the “Document” tab. If the video exceeds 100 MB, the user will receive a warning. A warning appears on the screen as “The file cannot be sent”. Applications on “Google Play” and “App Store” can be used to send videos over 100 MB from WhatsApp. With these applications, the size of the video can be reduced. Users must first download the appropriate application to their device. The video must be opened through the downloaded application. The video resolution should be set to 320p from the “Settings” section of the applications. After adjustment is made on the video, it should be saved.

Sharing WhatsApp Long Status Video

In addition to the WhatsApp long video sending process, the sharing of long status videos is also very curious. On WhatsApp, users love the “Status Sharing” feature. With the “Sharing Status” feature, it is possible to interact with anyone on the list. To share long videos in WhatsApp status , you need to follow these steps;

  • WhatsCut Pro+ application must be downloaded to the phone first.
  • After the application is downloaded to the phone, there is a section where all the videos in it are shown. Select the video you want to share from here.
  • The video opens with the new interface. Part or all of the opened video can be published. The user determines this way of publication.
  • There is a marker in the video editing part. Markers are used to select the episode to be broadcast.
  • After the video to be broadcast is set, the green share button should be pressed.
  • After clicking the green share button, the video starts to be processed and switched to WhatsApp.
  • Long videos adjusted via WhatsApp can be shared as status.

Videos set with the WhatsAppCut Pro+ application can also be sent as messages on WhatsApp. All videos over 30 seconds can be easily sent as status and message.


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