How to Rename AirDrop?

How to Rename AirDrop?
How to Rename AirDrop?

AirDrop renaming process; It prevents confusion by separating iPhone devices in the same environment. AirDrop is a feature developed by Apple. It enables fast file sharing between Apple devices. With the AirDrop feature, documents and pictures are easily sent to the other party. With Bluetooth LE technology; negotiating with connections, broadcasting for the transfer of data, and point-to-point Wi-Fi operation. In addition, with the AirDrop feature, all videos, contacts, photos can be safely and quickly sent to other storage areas via connection.

How to Rename AirDrop?

AirDrop is among the favorite features of Apple users. File sharing can be made easy by enabling the AirDrop feature on Apple devices. This feature uses Bluetooth technology to locate Apple devices in the environment. Where devices found with the AirDrop feature are displayed; “Other Devices” in the iPhone Bluetooth Settings section are “My Devices”. In order to prevent devices from interfering with each other during file transfer, users may want to customize their devices.


How to Rename AirDrop on iPhone  ?

  • First, go to the “Settings” section,
  • Click on “About” and “General”,
  • The current name on the screen is deleted and replaced with a new name,
  • Press the “Done” button in the lower right corner of the screen,

How to Rename AirDrop on Mac

  • Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen,
  • Click on “System Preferences” and proceed to the next step,
  • In the “Sharing” option, the new AirDrop name of the Mac device next to “Computer Name” is determined,

After the above step, the AirDrop name will be changed automatically. After exiting the screen, the device can be used with the new AirDrop name. Files can be sent with a new name after AirDrop renaming . By changing the name, the user personalizes their Apple device. In this way, the device becomes easier to recognize both by itself and by other people.

How to Rename AirDrop?


How to Use AirDrop?

It is very curious how to use this feature with AirDrop renaming . AirDrop feature; It is activated and used on iPad, iPhone and iPod devices with very simple operations. For how to use AirDrop  , first of all, long click on the button with the pictures of “Cellular, Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode and Bluetooth” on the “Control Panel”. Then the AirDrop image will appear on the screen. Click on the picture that appears on the screen and activate the “Everyone” or “People Only” option. After this process, the device will be opened for file transfer.

  • “Everyone” option; It allows sending files to all devices of the same brand around the Apple device. When the “Everyone” option is activated, file requests sent by others begin to appear on the screen.
  • “Contacts Only” option; It is the exchange of files with people registered in the directory. The person who clicks on this option cannot exchange files with people who are not in their contacts.

How to Rename AirDrop?

General Information About AirDrop

  • The AirDrop feature has been developed for Apple devices only.
  • Before file sharing, bluetooth and Wi-Fi features must be activated.
  • The device to which the file will be sent; It must be in your bluetooth and wireless network area. In this case, the file must be checked before sharing.

Wireless data transmission via both wireless and bluetooth on Apple devices is done thanks to AirDrop. With the feature developed specifically for Apple, all kinds of files are delivered to the other party safely and quickly. With AirDrop renaming , devices are personalized, eliminating the possibility of files going to the wrong place. The person who will send the file can immediately find the name of the other person and complete the process. AirDrop feature provides great convenience to Apple users. In very large files, it goes to the opposite side in seconds.


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