How to Measure Weather

Everyone knows that weather events affect the way of life of people, so that before Christ, communities pondered this situation and invented climates, calendars and clocks.

In civilizations where there is a lot of rainfall in certain months of the year and the rivers overflow, after a while, people learned in which region they would do their agriculture and where they would establish a settled life. Well, let’s look at how this weather is measured every day  .

How to Measure Weather

How to Measure Weather

  • Satellite images
  • weather balloons
  • radars
  • weather stations

Satellite Images

It is known that the weather forecasts  are made according to the seasons, because the civilizations before Christ discovered the climates and invented a suitable calendar  . During the Cold War, the world’s first space satellite went into space in 1957. This event would change the scientific community and the world, such that it allowed us to see the world from space. On the one hand, these satellites allow us to measure the weather with instantaneous data from space. This  answers the question  of how the weather is measured .

Weather Balloons

Many countries are members of the World Meteorological Organization and every day at the same time, all countries measure the weather by sending a device attached to the bottom of a big balloon to the sky.

Meteorology balloons are released from places in 9 points in our country 2 times a day. These balloons, which are released at the same time all over the world, can rise 35 kilometers above the ground and can make weather forecasts by taking measurements such as temperature and humidity at a certain point.

How to Measure Weather


One of the most used devices in weather forecasting is radars. Radars, which allow to measure precipitation, which can be between 2 and 3 hours, can only show clouds that can rain.

Meteorology Stations

There are more than 1500 meteorological stations in Turkey. Some of them are in the air, some of them are in the sea, and these meteorological stations are located at different altitudes in different regions. Some of the meteorological stations located in different places are used to measure sea water temperature and some are used to measure soil moisture for agriculture.

Measurements are made in nearly 2,000 places in our country, although the technology has developed and the weather forecast has now shown very accurate results, sometimes  websites can be wrong in weather forecasts. In fact, different websites on the Internet sometimes show weather forecasts to varying degrees.