How to Fix Video Image Stabilization on Android Phones?

The fact that iPhone cameras are better than Android phones’ cameras and iPhones have video image stabilization causes many users to switch to Apple phones. 

However, Android phones have video image stabilizer for a while , but most users do not know about it, and many  Android phone users are  looking for a solution to prevent the image from shaking while shooting video . Well, we tell you how to do  video image stabilization on Android phones .

How to Fix Image on Android Phones?

  • Open your device’s camera.
  • Go to the video section
  • Tap the hand icon.
  • Begin video capture.
  • The transaction will be completed.

Most Android phones have a wavy “Hand” icon. In this way, you can prevent vibration to a large extent and shoot quality videos while shooting video, just like on iPhone devices. Although not every Android phone has an image stabilizer feature , Android devices that have been released in recent years have image stabilizer.

How to Fix Video Image Stabilization on Android Phones?

What is Image Stabilizer?

One of the life-saving features for shooting professional videos is the image stabilizer, especially if you want to shoot vlogs, cinematic videos or documentary-style shots, it is very important to have an image stabilizer feature on your device.

The image stabilizer feature reduces the vibration of the camera as much as possible while shooting video and gives a quality video to the user. If your camera does not have an image stabilization feature, there will be a lot of vibration in the videos you shoot. Especially if you are shooting motor vlog videos, your videos will not look good for the audience.

In the video below, you can see the differences between the image stabilizer and the normal camera.

Especially if you want to buy an action camera and you want to record your memories of bike motor vlog, mountain sports, briefly action-packed action, you have to buy a camera with image stabilizer. If you are wondering which action camera to buy, you can check out our best action cameras content.