How to Delete LinkedIn Account

How to Delete LinkedIn Account
How to Delete LinkedIn Account

If you are tired of seeing unnecessary posts such as math operations on the social platform that brings people in the business world together, you have the chance to close your LinkedIn account with a few simple steps. Although LinkedIn , which is the world’s largest professional network, seems to be a platform that allows employees to easily communicate with each other and exchange information, it shares the fate of every social network in our country: Unnecessary posts. If you are a member of the platform, you must have seen a post that contains a mathematical operation at least once.

Apart from these, there are subjects that are forcibly removed to our main stream and which are not in our area of ​​interest. If you have decided to leave the platform where everyone is the CEO , in other words, if you have decided to delete your LinkedIn account , you can complete the LinkedIn account deletion process without any problems by following the steps below.


How to Delete LinkedIn Account?

  • First , log in to your LinkedIn  account.
  • Then click on your profile photo.
  • Click “Settings and Privacy” in the window that opens.
  • Go to the account management section.
  • Located below; Click on “Close account” .
  • Click continue from the newly opened page.
  • Enter your reason for closing your account.
  • Tap Next.
  • Enter your LinkedIn account password.
  • The transaction will be completed.

LinkedIn reached 706 million users around the world in 2020 and continues to become more popular with each passing day. Linkedln, which has almost become a necessity for students starting every university, has surpassed  many employment platforms that have reached 8.4 million users in Turkey in 2020. In today’s world, many companies have started to directly request LinkedIn profiles from job seekers instead of their resumes. This is one of the innovations of the internet age. In fact, even though it is a very big innovation, it can bring many problems with it. The biggest of these is the leaking of all personal data as in every platform. 

How to Delete LinkedIn Account


What are the Errors Made in Linkedln?

Although LinkedIn has been used for many years, it has also brought errors made on many other platforms. Below you can find the most common mistakes made on LinkedIn.

  • Using LinkedIn for different purposes. (For example: dating.)
  • Using the platform, which is important for business life, like social media.
  • Making unnecessary sharing since the internet came into our lives.
  • Constantly sharing unrealistic or unrealistic stories.
  • Volunteer job posting. 
  • Sending a connection request to each user.
  • Your personal data appearing when sharing your resume publicly.
  • Directly sharing personal information. (The key point here: Personal phone number and email sharing.)
  • Sharing personal data collected in job postings with third parties without permission. (We would also like to point out that this process is a crime pursuant to KVKK .)

How to Delete LinkedIn Account

How Should a Successful Linkedln Profile Be?

  • A profile photo that looks neat and your face is clear .
  • A cover photo that will define you.
  • A cover letter introducing you . (English and Turkish)
  • Entering the trainings you are currently studying or have completed.
  • Entering certificates that you have been successful.
  • Entering abilities.
  • Conducting LinkedIn aptitude tests through the profile.

Linkedln, which entered our lives in 2003, is one of the most popular employment platforms in the world, established before many employment platforms. However, because it has too many unnecessary uses, many people close their accounts while creating a membership. 


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