How to Delete Instagram Account? Shutdown Link 2022

Instagram account deletion is of great importance for social media users who want to permanently delete their account. Everyone is looking for the answer to the question of how to close their Instagram account , whose purpose is not to temporarily freeze their account, but to close it permanently  .

The answer to this question, of course, is through the link in question. If you want to delete your Instagram account from the desktop web version or the phone, you can follow the steps listed in this article.

How to Delete Instagram Account?

  • Go to Instagram permanent account deletion page.
  • Log in with which account you want to delete.
  • Choose your reason for deleting your account.
  • Enter your password.
  • Confirm the deletion.

The steps to delete Instagram account from the desktop web version or the phone are basically the same. If you want to delete your account on mobile device, you can use any mobile browser. This could be the mobile version of Google Chrome, or it could be the mobile version of Opera. Just open the above link on any mobile browser you want.

To close your account forever, you can follow these steps below:

1. Login to Instagram Account

First of all, in order to permanently close the Instagram account, it is necessary to go to the web page prepared by the platform for this purpose from the Instagram account deletion link. Log in first in the account deletion section. The account to log in to the device must be the account you want to be deleted.

If you want to delete another account but not your current account, press the username in the upper right corner and log out. After logging out of the account, log in to the account you want to delete.

How to Delete Instagram Account? Shutdown Link 2022

2. Choosing Reason for Account Deletion

Instagram takes every opportunity to identify problems and shortcomings in the social media platform. It would not be wrong to say that this is one of them. It aims to find out if it can be fixed by asking users who want to leave the platform what the problem is.

The platform also tries to persuade users not to close their account, depending on the selection made. For example, if you state that you have security concerns, they will defend against it and try to gain your trust.

Reasons for account deletion include:

  • Concerns about privacy
  • Not having an account to follow,
  • Having too many ads
  • Using another account
  • It takes a lot of time,
  • Difficulty using the application.

You can choose one of these reasons, or you can specify the reason why you want to leave by ticking the “Something else” option. If the reason you want to leave the platform is not among the options, it is among the other options as an option you can use.

How to Delete Instagram Account? Shutdown Link 2022

3. Entering Password

Before you can permanently close your account, you need to verify by entering your password. In this section, you can verify that the account belongs to you by entering your password in the empty box.

How to Delete Instagram Account? Shutdown Link 2022

4. Confirming Account Closure

Finally, confirm the action. After confirming the deletion, you have the right to access your account again for a short period of time, such as 1 month, but beware, if you log in to your account again within this period, the automatic deletion process will be terminated. As a result, your account will not be deleted after 1 month.

Account deletion can continue for up to 90 days after confirmation. During this time, data continues to be stored. In other words, all your data will not be deleted as soon as you confirm deleting your account. This process is quite long and requires patience. If you log in with the same account after confirming the transaction, the data deletion process will be stopped and you will continue to use your account.

You should also remember that all your data is not deleted after this process. The platform may store your data for a period of time in order not to be responsible for material and moral damages arising from the behavior of the user.

How to Delete Instagram Account? Shutdown Link 2022

Don’t forget to back up your data before confirming this action. Although there is a possibility that Instagram will continue to access your data even at the end of the process, you do not have such a chance. For this reason, check the archived stories and posts section, review your chats.

You can also follow these steps to take a backup of your account:

  • Press the profile icon in the lower right corner.
  • Press on the three lines in the upper right corner.
  • Tap on the “Your gestures” option.
  • Press the “Download your information” option.
  • Your registered e-mail address is located here. If this e-mail address is not available, enter your own e-mail address.
  • Tap the “Request Download” button.
  • The data is sent to the e-mail address within 48 hours.


Instagram Account Closure Link – 2022

If you want to close your account quickly and easily, you can  complete the process via the Instagram account closing link .