How to Create Instagram QR Code?

How to Create Instagram QR Code?
How to Create Instagram QR Code?

Thanks to the Instagram QR code creation method, the accounts on the application increase the interaction with each other. In Instagram, the QR code is used to make new friends. Instagram QR code is used to increase the following speed. To add a contact, a QR code can be scanned instead of a username. By creating a QR code from Instagram and then scanning the code, it is easier to access the profile of the person to be added. In this article , we will provide information about “How to create Instagram QR code” .

What is Instagram QR Code?

Instagram QR code; It is a feature that Instagram has specially developed for its users. The QR code, which has started to be used everywhere today, has also started to be used on Instagram. With the QR code, more information can be accessed in a short time. With an Instagram QR code, a profile quickly interacts with other accounts. After the update of the Instagram platform, many people started to use the QR code.


Instagram QR code screen can be personalized. The “QR code” color can be easily changed by clicking the “Settings” tab on the profile. The user can make the place where the Instagram QR code is in any color. In addition, emoji can be added on the QR code screen. To do this, click on the “Settings” tab and click on the “QR code” option that appears on the screen. Multiple emojis appear on the screen. The user can choose any emoji for the QR code background.

How to Create Instagram QR Code?

How to Create Instagram QR Code?

Instagram QR code creation processes are done separately for phone and computer. We can explain the Instagram QR code creation process on phone and computer as follows:


Creating Instagram QR Code on Computer

  • First, the account information is logged on the Instagram official website.
  • Click the round icon next to Edit Profile.
  • The options with the QR code will appear on the screen. From these options, the QR code should be pressed.
  • By reaching the Instagram QR code, which is created in different colors, the next step is passed.
  • The download process is completed by clicking on the “Download QR code” section under the image.
  • After downloading the QR code, the account owner can paste it anywhere.

Thus, business or individual accounts can start to gain more followers.

Creating Instagram QR Code on Phone

To create a QR code from iPhone and Android devices, the following steps should be followed;

  • First, log in to the Instagram application.
  • Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner.
  • Press the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
  • Touch the button with the QR code.
  • The image with the text “Scan QR Code” appears on the screen. The QR code can be created in different colors by clicking on the “Color” at the top of this image.

In order to read the Instagram QR code created by someone else, the following action should be taken: The “Scan QR Code” option should be touched and the code should be scanned with the camera. After the Instagram code is scanned, the “Follow” option appears. You can view the profile of the account by clicking the “View Profile” option.

What Does Instagram QR Code Do?

The Instagram QR code provides immediate access to people whose profile is hard to find. A person’s profile by username may not be immediately found. By using the QR code, a follow-up request can be sent to the person who can be reached quickly. There can be more than one account with the same name on Instagram. It is difficult to choose the person to whom a follow request will be sent from among these accounts. In such cases, QR code person is of great convenience. Because the Instagram QR code is directly linked to the person’s own account.

Instagram QR code is a great advantage especially for business accounts. By using the Instagram QR code for their business accounts, they can make it easier for their customers to reach them. With the Instagram QR code , the account can be accessed in seconds.


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