Hints found for PlayStation PC Launcher

The concept of PlayStation PC Launcher first appeared. Among the games Sony brought to the PC platform, the production containing the most clues for its future plans was the PC version of Spider-Man Remastered. As you tinker with game files with a new reference every day, more are coming out! Now, a new launcher has emerged, which is thought to be useful for running PS games from the computer. When we combine the clues found in the past days, we can say that Sony will really focus on the PC platform in the coming periods.

PlayStation PC Launcher Spider-Man found in game files

As you know, new details emerged yesterday that gave hints about PlayStation Network’s PC integration. Details found in Spider-Man Remastered game files now point to a new application called PlayStation PC Launcher. The name of the application has been found in the game files and hopes are already beginning to be announced by Sony soon.

Hints found for PlayStation PC Launcher

Just like Ubisoft, Rockstar and Activision Blizzard use, Sony seems to announce its own launcher application for the PC platform. Although there is no official statement yet, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, the last PlayStation game to come to PC, contains many details about PC integration in its files.

Of course, we do not find it possible to buy and play the games coming to PC via PlayStation PC Launcher. In other words, incoming games will need this launcher when they are purchased and opened from Steam and Epic Games Store, just like Ubisoft does. This may be a preliminary step for the PSN account integration that has emerged recently. We may soon see this launcher model from Sony, which works in some cases, such as saving your progress to your Ubisoft account while playing a game you bought from Steam via Ubisoft Connect. 

Official statements made by PlayStation show that dozens of games will come to PC in the coming period. In the meantime, it would be a very logical move for them to make their own launcher software. In the coming period, we will send you the details as soon as possible.