Google Photos Is Starting To Look Like TikTok

The Google Photos app has launched its new feature. The application, which made a splash with its latest update among the various services it offers, offers a different version of editing photos and sharing memories with others. 

Google Photos, which presents photos and videos of events and certain times in the form of slides, has added a new feature to the ” Memories ” section. This feature, which has been automatic until now, reminded many users of TikTok with the changes made . 

Google Photos Is Starting To Look Like TikTok

New Memories Feature of Google Photos Launched

If you have an Android device, you can start sharing the new feature of Memories with others. Thanks to this feature, you will now be able to view the memories that you can share with your friends and family on any device. There are many other features that include the extensive change. 

Videos will now be in the foreground in the Memories feature. Photos, on the other hand, will be automatically adjusted, making them longer videos. As of October, instrumental music will be automatically added to some memories.

Additionally, Google introduces a subtle zooming effect to make it feel less static. In this way, a new type of memory called ” Cinematic Memories ” will be found. Thanks to the Cinematic Memories feature, which will be active soon, the photos will have a cinematic look. 

Innovations were also made by viewing work memories. One of the enhancements made to enhance the browsing experience will be the ability to scroll through the photos in a single memory by touching the left and right of the screen. It will be possible to switch between memories by swiping up and down. It also has the ability to prevent certain people and time periods from being found in Memories. 

All these innovations are stated by many users that Google Photos has begun to resemble TikTok. Another topic on the agenda about Google is that it is facing a $ 25 billion lawsuit . So what do you think about these issues? You can share your comments with us.