Google May Be Working On Pixel Tablet Pro

Google has already announced that it is working on a new Pixel Tablet model that will be released next year, but it is claimed that this tablet will not be the only model and a higher-end Pro variant is also in the making.

The news came from 9To5Google, who found evidence of the tablet while searching for the latest Android 13 code. The code contained references to a “tangorpro” believed to be the Pixel Tablet Pro . For those who don’t know , the Pixel Tablet has the codename “tangor” , which basically means that a higher-end variant is also in development right now.

Google May Be Working On Pixel Tablet Pro

Pixel Tablet Pro Might Have A Special Rear Camera Sensor

Unfortunately, there are no clearer details currently known about the Pixel Tablet Pro . However, it is speculated that the Pro variant will have a different rear camera sensor compared to the Pixel Tablet model. Based on what we know so far, the Pixel Tablet is confirmed to be coming soon and will run with the same Tensor series processors that also power the Google Pixel 6 series smartphones.

The Pixel Tablet is also believed to have stylus support, but it’s unclear whether the tablet itself does. Other Android codes also imply that this product is an affordable tablet with decent features. If that’s true, the search engine giant will likely include more upgrades on the Pixel Tablet Pro than on the standard tablet model .