Goat Simulator 3 release date announced

The Goat Simulator 3 release date was officially announced during an event recently. The date announced with a trailer shocked the players.

The announcement of Goat Simulator 3 during Summer Game Fest shocked even the game’s fans. The reasons for this were that the second game had not yet been released and that the developers had taken the chaos in the game to the next level. The developers have also surprisingly confirmed that the game is still in development.

Goat Simulator 3 release date announced as November

Goat Simulator 3 release date announced

Goat Simulator 3 release date was announced by the developers  as late 2022. Recently, the release date of the game was officially announced with a trailer published on YouTube. The new trailer for Goat Simulator 3 doesn’t exactly reveal anything new about the game. However, the trailer attracted a lot of attention due to its subject. The trailer shows a large number of goats falling from the sky.

With the announcement of the game’s release date, the producer company opened the way for early access to the game with a pre-order. The digital version of Goat Simulator 3 also has a pre-purchase option and is filled with what the developers describe as random goat litter. However, it will be sold as DLC containing remastered add-ons and content from the original Goat Simulator. DLC, miscellaneous payday masks, The MMO includes tank armor, a space helmet and a new suit, as well as 3D print files for the goat Pilgor, Tony Shark, Goat Tower and Trinket.

Goat Simulator 3 release date announced

The game’s Twitter account hasn’t shared much since Summer Game Fest, aside from just a few Tik Tok videos. We also see that there is only a trailer on the Coffee Stain YouTube channel. Fortunately, those who want to pre-order Goat Simulator 3 probably already know what they’re going to see. 

The Goat Simulator 3 release date has been officially announced as November 17, 2022. And as previously announced, the game will be released on PC via the Epic Games Store and next-gen consoles including PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.