Fortnite-Destiny 2 Co-op Leaked

Fortnite , which is among the most successful games of recent years , has expanded the game universe by collaborating with many brands from the movie industry to the game industry. In the new season of Fortnite, surprise partnerships may be waiting for the players again.

A company called Ginsor , which does data mining for Bungie , the developer of Destiny 2, discovered that classic Fortnite skins were found in Bungie designs . Allegedly, this is a hint about the Fortnite-Destiny 2 collaboration , which is expected to be announced soon.

Fortnite-Destiny 2 Co-op Leaked

Fortnite Designs Coming to Destiny 2

Sony’s acquisition of Bungie has been one of the biggest events of the past months. Sony , who wants to find a return for its investment, may wantto make more money by expanding the audience of the game. One of the best methods for this nowadays is thecollaboration of online games we call “crossover” . Within the framework of these collaborations, companies bring characters, costumes and venues from each other’s plays into their own plays. If Fortnite, which has been implementing this for a long time, cooperates with Bungie, it is considered that we will see Fortnite-designed titans in Destiny 2 .

A design very similar to the Black Knight character we encountered in Fortnite Season 2 draws attention in the leaked costume skins . For many, these coatings are one of the clearest proofs of collaboration. This news, which emerged before the 18th season of Destiny 2 , which is expected to be released on August 26, and the upcoming Lightfall expansion pack, indicates that all the requirements for cooperation have been met. It is also known that Bungie will have a Destiny 2 premiere on August 23 . The Fortnite-Destiny 2 crossover collaboration is expected to be introduced at this presentation.