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Famous football player Neymar attends PUBG Deston Rise event

Famous football player Neymar attends PUBG Deston Rise event
Famous football player Neymar attends PUBG Deston Rise event

PUBG: Battlegrounds new map Destonevents continue. As you may remember, Krafton recently met with famous football player Neymar Jr. announced that they had signed a collaboration with Within the scope of this cooperation, it has been announced that Neymar will personally attend the Deston Rise event to be held in France and meet with the players. The new explanations and details on the subject are as follows;

Neymar will challenge players at the PUBG Deston Rise event

During the Deston Rise event, Neymar Jr. and his squad will participate in two separate challenges – the two-game “Neymar Jr.’s Squad vs. Everyone: Lodge Defense” and the one-game “PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS BR Match”. During the challenges, Neymar Jr. will be able to showcase his superior football skills to potentially change the course of the attacks he faces. Below is a list of challenges that Neymar Jr. will face during the event, and you can find out more about the event HERE.


Famous football player Neymar attends PUBG Deston Rise event

Neymar Jr.’s Squad vs. Everyone: Lodge Defense

The first challenge will be against everyone with Neymar Jr.’s squad and Neymar Jr.’s goal is to defend the Lodge area (POI) in Deston. The challenge will be played against a cast of Neymar Jr. as TPP and seven other PUBG partners. Neymar Jr.’s squad will only be allowed to raid the Lodge territory, and the goal is simple: protect the Lodge while at least one of his crew members is alive. The challenge will run for two matches and you can see a list of rules below:

  • Neymar Jr. and his staff will only be allowed to raid the Lodge.
  • All other partner streamers are allowed to loot anywhere in Deston.
    • Allowed weapons – 1) Melee, 2) Crossbow 3) Pistols
    • They have the freedom to use tactical gear as well as health and boost items.
  • The Blue Area will be adjusted to be centered around the Lodge.
  • A face-to-face activity will take place with a soccer goal that Neymar Jr. can use to spawn desired weapons/items in the Lodge. 


The second and final challenge will feature the regular PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS battle royale format – but with a change. Neymar Jr.’s roster and seven other PUBG partner rosters will land on Deston for a match with the following ruleset activated: 

  • Only Tier 1 gear (Helmet / Backpack / Vest) will appear in Deston.
  • The match watcher with Sandbox Mode access will only be able to manually give Neymar Jr. Level 3 gear and Self-AED.
  • Neymar Jr. may use a face-to-face activity involving a soccer goal to block other PUBG partner teams (such as what weapons/items he should and should not use).

Viewers watching the broadcast on the official PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Twitch channel during the live broadcast, Neymar Jr. and PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS will have the chance to win special prizes through a draw. 

Finally, the Deston Summer Tour event enters its final week. PC and console gamers should grab a camera as they board the plane to Deston and take a screenshot or video of them posing in an area of ​​their choosing. Players can then upload the screenshot or video to any of their Twitter, Instagram or Facebook accounts with their in-game nickname, the game platform and the hashtag “#DestonSummerTour”. 500 random winners selected from the submissions will receive gifts: 1000 G-COINs and a Deston Tour spray! Now pull out your best costume, weapon skin and hairstyle from your customization locker and submit a photo or video before the event ends at 09:59 on August 5th.


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