Fallout: London mod is now available for download

A version has been released on NexusMods for the new mod developed for Fallout 4, which takes the game from top to bottom and takes it to London. In the published version of the Fallout London mod, players waiting for the mod can download and try the armor, atmosphere and environment that will be added to the game. The published modpack does not cover the entire London mod.

Fallout London mod available for download

Bethesda’s modcontinue to hire people on the developer team.mods are still in progress. For the mod, which is reported to be released in 2023, the full version is already available.A version on NexusmodsIt was published. In the published version, we can say that it offers you some content about fashion and gives you an opportunity to try it.

Fallout: London mod is now available for download

Fallout London mode will appear as a mode that will focus on London. It will include new NPCs, new weapons, creatures, a new world and new groups gathered in this world. Since the Fallout 5 release date seems quite far away, it will be a good alternative to kill time while waiting for that game. According to Bethesda, a new Fallout game will not come before Starfield and TES 6 are released.

If you want to know how the mod basically looks, you can watch the gameplay video below.