EA re-licensed: Juventus is coming back to FIFA

EA announced that Juventus, who has not been in the game for a long time, is returning to the FIFA series in FIFA 23.

FIFA and PES rivalry has been going on for a long time without slowing down. Juventus, one of the biggest clubs in the world, is returning to EA Sports’ FIFA series. Today, EA announced a “multi-year partnership” with key Italian team Juventus for the popular football video game. The deal will kick off with FIFA 23 , which will be released on September 30 .

Juventus return to FIFA for the first time since 2019

EA re-licensed: Juventus is coming back to FIFA

The Juventus team previously only existed in Pro Evolution Soccer for the past three years. In July 2019, Konami announced an exclusive partnership for eFootball PES 2020. This agreement was a multi-year agreement and retained its exclusive rights. So Juventus would not be in FIFA 20, FIFA 21 or FIFA 22. Instead, the team appeared in FIFA as Piemonte Calcio with a fictional logo.

However, that deal expired this summer, paving the way for Juventus to return to FIFA. EA Sports announced that a “multi-year exclusive partnership” has given them the rights to Juventus’ logo, jerseys and Juventus stadium, the Allianz Arena. “We are excited to reaffirm our deep commitment to Italian football through this exclusive partnership with Juventus,” said David Jackson, EA Sports’ FIFA Vice President of Brands. said.

Also, Jackson said, “This outstanding club means a lot to us and our fans, and will ensure EA Sports continues to deliver the most authentic and immersive interactive football experiences possible in FIFA 23 and beyond.” gave his words. Also, former player Claudio Marchisio will be added as FUT Heroes for FIFA Ultimate Team, and current squad player Dušan Vlahovic will be the ambassador of the game. Last MayNews that FIFA will change its name to EA Sports FCLet’s remember what we did.