EA Play is now cheaper than water on Steam

EA Play has had a huge discount on Steam, and if we look at the games in its library, we can say that it will never go away at this price. Get it now before the discount ends!

EA Play is at 80% discount on Steam, and as of now, the price you pay to access EA Games’ games is cheaper than coke, if not water. The subscription service will be sold at a monthly price of 8 Turkish Liras until August 4, and it has dozens of beautiful games in its library. 

EA Play is 8 TL again on Steam

Maybe you remember, the price of the subscription system was 12 TL when it first came out and it attracted a lot of attention in our country because it was very attractive. In addition to the beautiful games in its library, we can say that it is a subscription service that players should not miss at this price, with some privileges it provides. Of course, we should also mention that this is a campaign only for first-time subscribers. If you are not a subscriber to EA Play before, you can become a member of the system by paying 8 TL for the first month and 39.99 TL for the next month until August 4th. Let’s add that you can cancel your subscription at any time. In other words, you can play all the EA games you are curious about for 8 TL for a month and then unsubscribe.

EA Play is now cheaper than water on Steam

Of course, we said that the system offers some privileges to its subscribers, but let’s elaborate. For example, when FIFA 22 first came out, there was a 10-hour trial version exclusive to EA Play subscribers. FIFA 23 will be released in September andits price is fireConsidering that, those who are considering buying at least can decide after playing for 10 hours.

Advice: After purchasing a one-month subscription for 8 TL from Steam, you can cancel and switch to Xbox Game Pass if you wish. becauseEA Play is already included in Xbox Game Passand you can access a larger library at a more affordable price. A little advice…