Design Your Dream Phone with iPhone Designer Site

Design Your Dream Phone with iPhone Designer Site
Design Your Dream Phone with iPhone Designer Site

Thanks to the iPhone design site created by Neal Agarwal, it is possible to design the smartphone of your dreams. You can have a lot of fun just before the new iPhone models are introduced.

The United States-based technology giant Apple is expected to hold two different events in September and October. At one of these events, the iPhone 14 series will be introduced, as well as products such as new AirPods, iPad and Mac.


While the new iPhone models were eagerly awaited by millions of people around the world, a very interesting service was launched. The website Neal Fun allows people to design their dream iPhone model.

How to Design a Phone with iPhone Designing Site?

  • Visit the Neal Fun site .
  • Press and hold the button you want to add from the bottom.
  • Drag and drop the button onto the phone.
  • After completing the design, select the “Present” option.

Neal Agarwal created a website called Neal Fun. The website helps people who are curiously waiting for the iPhone 14 series, which will be introduced very soon, to design their own iPhone model.


When you first visit the website, you will encounter a smartphone in the middle of the page. There is no camera on the back or front of the smartphone. There are no volume and power buttons on the sides, and there are no speakers and ports at the bottom. You can add them exactly as you wish.

At the bottom of the screen, there are buttons such as the rear camera, front camera, Android logo, Home button, power button, Lightning port, volume button, Apple logo, pear logo, antenna, headphone jack. There are also some very interesting items. For example, you can add a steering wheel or joystick to your phone.

In order to perform the adding process, you need to drag the button at the bottom and drop it on the phone. You can decide on which part of the phone items such as the camera, logo, volume button will be added.

You can zoom in or out of the smartphone by dragging the mouse wheel. The value of the phone increases as you add items such as camera and buttons. After completing the design process, you can press the “Present” button. When you press this button, you can also see the starting price of the phone.


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