Can IPTV Watchers Be Detected?

Can IPTV watchers be detected? Is there an IPTV penalty, if so what is it? How does IPTV work? The IPTV law, which was discussed within the body of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) , included articles that stipulate that those who watch internet broadcasts should be identified and these people should be sentenced to prison.

In this article you will find answers to these questions:

  • Can IPTV watchers be detected?
  • How to detect IPTV viewers?
  • How does IPTV work, what is the working logic?
  • Is using IPTV a crime or not legal?
  • Is there an IPTV penalty?
  • What is IPTV penalty?

Let’s consider the answers to these questions in detail below.

Can IPTV Watchers Be Detected?

Can IPTV Watchers Be Detected?

It is not possible to detect IPTV viewers, at least not directly. In order to detect and find IPTV viewers, first of all, the servers used for broadcasting must be seized.

In order to watch the broadcasts, you must first connect to the servers where the broadcast is made. As soon as you connect to these servers, the administrator of the server can see your connection location within certain limits.

In short, as soon as you connect to the server, you leave a kind of trace. For this reason, it is possible to list who is watching the match over IPTVs, and who connects to that IPTV in case the servers are accessed.

However, it is not possible to directly see who is connecting to anyone’s IPTV servers . For this, first of all, the control of the servers must be seized. Then the IPs connecting to the servers must be accessed.

Can IPTV Watchers Be Detected?

How to Detect IPTV Watchers?

The fact that the servers of IPTVs used in Turkey are mostly abroad brings with it a completely different problem. Authorities in Turkey must first contact the authorities of the country where that server is located in order to access these servers.

After that, he must prove his claims and ensure that that country initiates legal proceedings. All this is resolved in a short time, and of course, if the information on the server remains in place, a list of IPTV users can be obtained.

In case of connecting to IPTVs using VPN, these broadcasts can be accessed without leaving any traces.

How IPTV Works, What is the Working Logic?

The working logic of IP TV can be evaluated in two stages as broadcaster side and viewer side. Broadcasters first select the television broadcasts to be transmitted and convert them into digital form so that they can be transmitted as packets over the internet.

Afterwards, the encryption process is completed so that only the subscribers can watch the broadcast and the broadcast is ready to be transferred to the audience. Viewers are connected to the broadcaster side with the help of a computer or a receiver. After the user’s information is verified, the broadcast starts to flow to the viewer side.

The television broadcast, which is buffered for a while, is displayed on the screen of the viewer with a delay of 1-2 seconds from reality.

Is Using IPTV a Crime or Not Legal?

Before the law debated by the Parliament, practices prohibiting the use of IPTV and suggesting fines were already enacted a long time ago. For this reason, using IPTV is not legal, it is considered a crime and there is a penalty.

Can IPTV Watchers Be Detected?

Is There an IPTV Penalty?

If you have an illegally broadcast IPTV subscription, you can be imprisoned or fined from 6 months to 2 years.

What is IPTV Penalty?

A person who makes use of telephone lines and frequencies or encrypted or unencrypted broadcasts made by electromagnetic waves without the consent of the owner or the possessor is punished with imprisonment from six months to two years or a judicial fine.

As can be understood from this expression; IPTV penalty is 6 months to 2 years imprisonment or fine.

In addition, publishers are also fined as a result of the decisions taken by the Advertisement Board as a result of the investigations of the Ministry of Commerce. The following statements were included in the statement made by the Ministry of Commerce on 11 December 2018:

At the 277th meeting of the Advertisement Board, it was decided to impose an administrative fine of 69,086 TL and a broadcasting suspension penalty for a company that markets the broadcasts of national platforms and channels over the internet to consumers in violation of the legislation and establishes an illegal subscription.

Can IPTV Watchers Be Detected?

What is IPTV, What Does It Mean?

IPTV is short for Internet Protocol Television . It emerged in 1994 with a broadcast by the American Broadcasting Company. With the increase in internet speeds and the establishment of broadcasting infrastructures, the use of IPTV has increased to a great extent.

Having recently started working on IPTVs, which are used by millions of people especially to watch illegal match broadcasts, the Turkish Grand National Assembly started to discuss the law that includes prison sentences for IPTV users.

The biggest reason that led people to use IPTV was the high subscription fees. In addition, the division of interesting content and channels into very different services was among the details that increased the number of users. The most popular aspect of IPTVs is that they offer almost all services on a single screen.