Beyond Good & Evil 2 editorial changed after 15 years

Beyond Good & Evil 2 ‘s development process has been quiet for a long time , late last year.He was said to have entered a great stalemate.. A sketchy gameplay video and the silent years after the last video made us think that the game has disappeared into the dusty pages of history. New life signals came today for the production, which was first announced in 2008. The lead author of the project has changed and now Sarah Arelanno is in charge.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is alive!

Towards the end of last year, Tom Henderson, a reliable source that we know with the leaks of the Battlefield and Call of Duty series, reported that the project had reached a dead end. Since then, the project has been in great silence, as it has been for years. While players have been waiting for the game to be released since 2014, no official details about the development process have been shared. Now, the news signals that the Beyond Good & Evil 2 project is still under development. Sarah Arelanno announced on Twitter that she has moved to the role of lead writer of the play in her own way.

The impasse of the project actually started in late 2020.With Michel Ancel leaving Ubisoftwe have already entered a process where we could not hear from the project that was silently standing there. Most of the players no longer believe that this project has even been developed, but with this latest move, Ubisoft makes us feel that the game is still being developed somewhere.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 editorial changed after 15 years

Even though Ubisoft is showing new things about the game, we feel like it would be a bit of a delusion to think of a release date earlier than 2024. We hope that we will have a chance to see new details about this game in the coming period.