Best War Movies

Best War Movies
Best War Movies

Hundreds of thousands of wars have been fought on the earth since the existence of humanity. While wars were right for one side, it was an unfair and inhumane crime for the other. These wars have had great benefits for humanity, especially they have been a tool that contributed greatly to the advancement of technology and led people to set foot on the Moon. With the proliferation of wars, humanity developed itself further, and many good and evil came together.

Of course, the realization of wars would not only stay where they were, but would also bring many events. Among them is the reflection of the wars in the movies. We have brought together war films that can take you to that date and put you in the war. So what are the best war movies ? Let’s see together.


Best War Movies

  • fury
  • Inglourious Basterds
  • T-34
  • Enemy at the Gates
  • Life is Beautiful (Life is Beautiful)
  • Downfall
  • 120
  • ayla


Tanks are of great importance for warfare. A movie about World War II. It tells the story of a 5-man tank crew and a new recruit who joins that team. Fighting against the tanks of Nazi Germany , the team faces many difficulties. Because German tanks are quite powerful and destructive. Many emotional and action scenes were experienced together in the movie.

Genre:  Action, drama and war

Cast:  Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman

IMDb Rating:  7.5

Inglourious Basterds

As Nazi Germany continues to spread throughout the world in a nightmarish manner and to kill the arch-enemy of the Jews , Adolf Hitler , a team gathers to change the fate of the war with many secret missions. Although the film does not reflect the truth , it was liked by many viewers and criticized by many viewers . It is worth mentioning that there are many famous actors in the movie.

Genre: Adventure, drama and war

Cast:  Brad Pitt, Diane Kruger, Eli Roth

IMDb Score: 8.3


The film, which is about the biggest war in history, namely World War II , is about Belgian, British and French soldiers who were squeezed by the Nazi army . The film was shot in many countries and was liked by many viewers. Like many World War II films, DUNKRIK reflects the atmosphere of war to the audience.

Genre:  Action, drama and history

Cast:  Fionn Whitehead, Barry Keoghan, Mark Rylance

IMDb Rating:  7.8


If you have at least some knowledge of World War II. You’ve heard of Nazi Germany’s indestructible tanks . Nazi tanks, which were almost a killing machine, frightened many of their enemies at that time. However, the T-34 tank of the Germans’ arch enemy, the Soviet Union , was in a more advantageous position compared to the tanks of the German army.

Of course, although the T-34 tank was not as powerful as the German tanks, its most important feature was that it could be easily repaired and reproduced quickly. Of course, these features were also a very important feature for war. The T-34 Movie tells the story of the brave Soviet soldiers’ escape from the German prison camp where they were captured and their struggle with the Germans.

Genre:  Action and war

Cast:  Alexander Petrov, Irina Starshenbaum, Viktor Dobronravov

IMDb Rating: 6.7

Enemy at the Gates

There is a sniper in every war, and snipers almost decide the fate of the war. One of the most important events of World War II was the capture of the city of Stalingrad by the Russians, because this event would determine the fate of Soviet Russia and even the fate of the world would be rewritten.

While the movie Enemy at the Door was waiting for the outcome of the world’s struggle in Stalingrad, the famous Vassili , whose name began to be heard among the Germans, began to speak. The sniper, who put the Germans in a lot of trouble as the war progressed, determined the fate of the war. But the German army also had a very good sniper. The film tells about these two snipers and the sufferings of the war.

Genre: Action, drama and war

Cast:  Jude Law, Ed Harris, Joseph Fiennes

IMDb Rating:  7.6



It is impossible not to mention Stalingrad, which was among the most important conflicts of the 2nd World War. Capturing the Stalingrad region is crucial for the Germans to enter Soviet Russia. However, Russia is making a very strong defense. Between these defenses, a building stands in the middle and a woman lives in that building.

The woman,  who is friendly with the Russian soldiers , makes the soldiers experience many emotions that they forgot during the war and mentions that the soldiers made little surprises for her during the war .

Genre: Action, drama and war

Cast:  Maria Smolnikova, Yanina Studilina, Pyotr Fyodorov

IMDb Rating: 5.6

Life is Beautiful (Life is Beautiful)

One of the biggest black spots in the history of the world was the Nazi Concentration Camps, and a Jewish family, who is learned to be Jewish, is taken to concentration camps by the Nazis. However, the family has a child and his father is trying to hide his child, stating that it is a game by the soldiers and if we win the game, they will give us a gift .

Of course, there is no such thing. But a father has to do everything he can to keep his child from worrying. In the movie, the child goes to the anos room with his father and sends a message to his mother, this event touched many people.

Genre: Comedy, drama and romance

Cast:  Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi, Giorgio Cantarini

IMDb Rating:  8.6


Adolf Hitler, who is seen as a murderer, knows that he can no longer win the war and that Germany will be defeated in this war. The film, which takes place in a bunker, tries to win the war by constantly meeting with the commanders of Hitler’s German army. However, it has already been understood by other commanders that he will not be successful . Knowing this, some German soldiers have already started to commit suicide .

Genre:  Biography, drama and history

Cast:  Bruno Ganz, Alexandra Maria Lara, Ulrich Matthes

IMDb Rating:  8.2


The film, which is about the sacrifice of the Turkish nation, tells the story of 1 school principal and 120 children set out to protect their homeland and their families waiting for them. The 1st World War caused great damage to the Ottoman Empire and the troops asking for help could not get an answer. Because people all over the country are fighting and in a difficult situation. The movie, which was liked by many viewers, tells a real event.

Genre:  Drama, history and war

Cast:  Ozge Ozberk, Cansel Elcin, Burak Sergen

IMDb Rating:  7.2


The cause of the 2nd World War was the 1st World War. The cause of the Cold War was the Second World War. The Korean War , which is the hot conflict of the Cold War , is actually known as the war between the Soviet Union and America . The film tells a real dramatic event in the war where the Turkish army went to help South Korea .

The Turkish soldier, who found a little girl in the war, became her spiritual father and is seen as a little cuteness in the army. However, the little girl who had to leave her father after the war left many emotional scars.

Genre: Biography, drama and history

Cast:  Cetin Tekindor, Ismail Hacioglu, Kyung-jin Lee

IMDb Score: 8.3


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