Best Free File Transfer Sites

Today, with the rapid development of technology, we can now store many files on our mobile phones. Previously, file transfer operations were carried out with portable external memories, but with the development of technology, these operations were moved to the virtual world. We perform our operations easily by accessing these files from our phone or computer when we need them.

In such cases , it may be necessary to use different applications or sites for file transfer . In this article, we have compiled the best free file transfer sites where you can transfer files for free .

What Are The Best Free File Transfer Sites?

  • Google Drive
  • WeTransfer
  • OneDrive
  • File Dropper
  • MediaFire
  • sendspace
  • Filemail
  • MailBigFile
  • Transfernow
  • sendthisfile
  • Send Anywhere

Google Drive

Google, one of the largest technology companies in the world, also provides a very successful service in file storage and transfer. With Google Drive, you can store and share your files and documents on the internet. You can easily share the documents and files you own with people who have the link created by Drive, whether publicly or simply with the link created by Drive.

The point you need to pay attention to here is that you need to choose well to whom you want to share the files you have uploaded on Google Drive . If you post publicly. Anyone with a link can access your data. Therefore, if you do not want to share your file at all or if you only want the people with the link to view it, you should choose accordingly. 

The post you have made may even be only authorized to view, comment or edit. This editing process takes place with Google Documents . On the other hand, Google Drive and Documents are programs that can work in sync . Google Drive, which allows you to store your files and documents, gives you the right to use it for free up to a point. But this usage area is  free up to 15 GB capacity . If you wish , you can also use  Google Drive for a fee and increase your storage up to 30 TB capacity.


Cloud storage is used in file transfer operations. Many companies provide this service for a fee or completely free of charge. WeTransfer is one of these platforms. One of the world ‘s largest file transfer platforms, which is completely free to use , is We Transfer. Platform; It can be used for premium and regular accounts. With WeTransfer, which is completely free to use, you can easily and quickly share your files with others.

Best Free File Transfer Sites


Offering cloud storage services like its other major competitors, Microsoft introduced OneDrive to our lives in 2007 . You can easily connect to OneDrive , an online file storage and sharing service offered by Microsoft, with Microsoft Account accounts . You can send files to many people using OneDrive accounts. OneDrive, which can be connected from anywhere with internet access, is one of the most preferred file sharing services today.

File Dropper

File Dropper , a site where file transfer is made very easy , is a platform that allows you to upload files up to 5 GB for free . Even with a small file size, it is a website that works when necessary. In addition, the file you want to transmit to the recipient will be stored on the link for 30 days if the link created is not used .


MediaFire , a cloud storage service that has been in service since 2012, is not only used as a cloud storage service. You can also easily share the files you upload here with others. In other words, it would be more accurate to say that MediaFire is a file upload, backup, sharing and download platform. MediaFire, one of the most used file sharing sites, is a US -based company. 


Sendspace, which you can easily download to your Android device, allows you to send files for free . In addition to the application being free, you can upgrade the storage space used like other platforms by having a pro version, for a fee , depending on your needs .


Filemail enables much more storage than other file storage and sending platforms.  You can easily track sent and received files in Filemail, which provides free file sending up to 50 GB . Thus , you can easily see who downloaded your files, when and where.


Mailbigfile , which is one of the favorites of many people with its ease of use, provides the opportunity to send files up to 2 GB for free. If you wish, you can purchase the paid version of the program . When you upgrade to the paid version, transfers get faster and extra storage is offered.

Best Free File Transfer Sites


Transfernow is another website where you can transfer files easily. By uploading the file you want on the site, you can forward your file to the people you want to share it with in a short time. However, for higher transfer limits, you must create a TransferNow account .


SendThisFile, Inc. is a file transfer service operated by cloud computing and 128-bit TLS encryption to enable users to securely send and receive large data files over the Internet.

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is a service that allows you to send and receive files. After the files are selected, the upload is created. Once the receiving device is entered, the files are sent instantly . On the other hand, you can create a link and share your files with multiple people