Attention: Scammers Are Chasing Their Victims Via SMS

The increasing prevalence of cryptocurrencies means that scammers will be able to reach new prey and produce new methods . In this context, we hear of many different fraud methods and many new victims in our country. Now a new method has been identified.

Fraudsters who prefer SMS as a new method are looking for ways to trap many innocent people. In the past period, Google has issued many warnings for fraudsters who managed to infiltrate smartphones with many harmful applications.

The fraudsters, who could not find what they were looking for from the malicious software in the applications, resorted to the SMS method this time. Fraudsters who try to lure people into the fraud network with messages containing “USDT BBC com” can access your data and use it for malicious purposes.

Attention: Scammers Are Chasing Their Victims Via SMS

Citizens Are Notified to Have a Non-Existing Balance

In particular, the SMS messages that are said to be from financial sites indicate that you have a certain amount of balance on any financial site and that you can access your balance by logging in with the information sent to you . Of course, when you log in to these sites, you are asked for a lot of information, and thus your data is accessed.

If you have received a similar SMS, it is useful to delete it regardless .