Are Vikings Real? What Years Does the Vikings Series Tell?

Are Vikings Real? What Years Does the Vikings Series Tell?
Are Vikings Real? What Years Does the Vikings Series Tell?

The answer to the question of whether the Vikings are real , the people who watch the series called Vikings, which met with the audience for 6 seasons and created the most legendary characters in the eyes of the fans, begin to wonder.

Vikings, which started broadcasting in 2013 and later became one of the most watched TV series all over the world, made its finale with its 6th season.


The series, starring actors such as Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Alyssa Sutherland, and Alex Høgh Andersen, is not a documentary, but you may want to learn how historically accurate it is.

To give a clue, sometimes editing is used to keep the flow of the series going. If you are ready to learn the true story underlying Vikings, we can move on to explaining how much of the series is real and how much is fictional.

Are Vikings Real?

The Vikings were a community that existed from the late 8th to the early 11th century. They were not tied to one place like most communities at that time. As can be seen in the series, their naval skills were at a high level and therefore they were constantly on the move.

The ships both shaped the lives of the Vikings and changed the course of history. The engineering skill of this community enabled them to make tall ships used for raids. Ships were generally extremely open to ocean use.

The century when the Vikings were most active on the battlefield was the 9th century. They raided many places in this century. The reason they did this was simply to improve their lives. They attacked other places to have a better life.

The fact that they had to lead a bad life was due to the harsh living conditions in the region where the Vikings lived. First of all, there was an incredible shortage of resources. Therefore, they chose to attack the rest of the world more strongly.

At the center of their beliefs was Norse mythology. They believed that after the war was over, Odin started walking, choosing which warriors would return to Valhalla after they died.

According to Norse mythology, Valhalla means the hall of the war dead. It is ruled by Odin. Naturally, Odin also determines who can enter this hall. People who died on the battlefield and were considered heroes are brought here. This is not a hall covered with four walls, as is supposed. It has great and dazzling beauty.

Are Vikings Real? What Years Does the Vikings Series Tell?

The Vikings thought that the gods had abilities such as shape-shifting and that they could face them as a wolf or an owl.


Many rumors contain false information, such as Vikings wearing a horned helmet. As a matter of fact, the Vikings were always bareheaded. They only occasionally wore helmets for protection.

The Vikings were a warlike and extremely ruthless society. They were savage enough to kill anyone who stood in their way during the war, but in themselves they were a more liberal and developed community than any other community.

They had the rune alphabet. Women were more free than other communities. Their engineering skills were also highly developed compared to other communities. Of course, in order for the series to be well marketed to the audience, Vikings put the Vikings’ engineering skills in the shade a bit and brought the battles to the fore.

A brief glance at Viking history can easily see what a rich history it is, but adapting this history into a television series on its own is a difficult task. When this is done directly, there are no elements that will affect the audience. This naturally leads to Vikings not being such a popular series.

So many of the characters and events in Vikings were purely fictional. Those who watch this series knowing the real history of Vikings will realize that a more historically correct path was followed in the beginning, but as the number of seasons increased, different things began to be needed to keep the audience connected to the screen.

A lot of weight has been given to the Ragnar character at this point. The relations of the Vikings within themselves were also brought to the fore.

Are Vikings Real? What Years Does the Vikings Series Tell?

Is Ragnar Lothbrok Real?

Although Ragnar Lothbrok is not an actual character, the character is thought to have been inspired by someone who actually lived.

Vikings have never left any traces of their wars or their culture at any time in history. Evidence for this community is often based on their transmission by other communities with whom they interacted, either through warfare or in other ways.

The existence of Ragnar Lothbrok is therefore also uncertain. Although it is possible that a person named Ragnar actually lived, it is a character created by a mixture of one or more real people. Many believe Ragnar is based on the Viking leader Reginherus, who made his name with the Siege of Paris in 845.

While creating the Ragnar character, Scandinavian legends were mainly used. According to some legends, Ragnar is even depicted fighting the dragon. In another legend, Ragnar and Lagertha marry.

As stated at the beginning of the article, Vikings is not a documentary. It is not intended to provide information. Since it is a series made for entertainment purposes, the team behind the series can present events that have never happened in reality, with a new character created by taking into account the rumors that exist in reality or from the past to the present.


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