Are Horoscopes Real, How Accurate Are Horoscopes?

Are Horoscopes Real, How Accurate Are Horoscopes?
Are Horoscopes Real, How Accurate Are Horoscopes?

How real are horoscopes with statements such as “It was written here and it came true”, even if it is said that it is not true that many people believe ? We tell it for you. People say that many events are written in horoscopes and that zodiac signs explain human character. But how right is it to simplify people’s behavior and thoughts so much? Before answering this question , what is astrology, what is a horoscope, are horoscopes real and how accurate are horoscopes? You must look. 

Are Horoscopes Real, How Accurate Are Horoscopes?


What is Astrology?

Astrology: It is a pseudoscience that is thought to determine the fate of people according to the movements of the stars and celestial bodies in the universe by comparing them to a shape or object. People, what will be the future or what will their lives be like? He is quite curious. This is actually quite normal, wondering about the future or even visiting the past is a subject that takes place in people’s imaginations. Astrology, on the other hand, is a pseudoscience that says it tells people about the future.

What is the Zodiac Sign?

Many people believe in horoscopes, which is one of the biggest pillars of astrology. “Each of the twelve constellations is called a zodiac sign.” It is named according to the position of the celestial bodies at the date of birth of people. A different feature of each sign stands out and inferences are made from people according to these features. There are 12 signs, these twelve signs represent 4 different elements. But are horoscopes real?


Fire Leo, Aries, Sagittarius
This crab, scorpion, fish
Weather Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Soil Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Are Horoscopes Real?

Although many people believe that horoscopes are indeed correct, horoscopes are actually illusions, not real. Because it would be wrong to infer the future or human character from horoscopes. People reveal their characters according to the acquisitions they have learned and experienced throughout their lives.

So it is not possible to deduce people’s characters from a few false theories. Also, if horoscopes could really see the future, they would have already been accepted by the scientific community. So how accurate are  horoscopes, why do people believe in horoscopes? Let’s see together

Are Horoscopes Real, How Accurate Are Horoscopes?

How Accurate Are Horoscopes?

The reason why people believe in the accuracy of horoscopes is that what is written there is correct. But this is quite a misconception, a lot of things are said in horoscopes and the human brain usually believes that a few things written in horoscopes hit, and they all turn out to be true. The biggest logical error here is that what is written there is actually a common feature of all people.

For example:

In any zodiac sign, something bad will happen to you this week. 

  • (Actually, something bad happens to every person every week or every day.)

Gemini is cheating or two-faced.

  • Actually, people’s deception is not caused by their zodiac sign, but by their character, every person can deceive, and this is not just a characteristic of Gemini.)

Any sign says you will be very successful in the future.

  • (Actually, if you take a successful step towards your goals, it is likely that you will be successful already.)

Most of what the horoscope says are traits that people already have. It is out of question for people to write their destinies according to the date they were born. However, as we mentioned, what the zodiac signs say are features that exist in many people. People will experience what is told in horoscopes at some point in their lives.


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