Apple Committed to Moving Production to Vietnam

Continuing Apple ‘s goal of reducing its reliance on China , its suppliers are testing Vietnamese production of both the Apple Watch and MacBook Pro. Apple has previously moved at least some iPad production from China to Vietnam, especially due to China’s drastic but effective coronavirus measures. Restrictions due to COVID have affected half of Apple’s major suppliers in the country.

Now both the Apple Watch and MacBook Pro are likely to continue production in Vietnam as suppliers are undertaking test production, according to Nikkei Asia . An unnamed source summarized the issue as follows:

“AirPods, Apple Watch, HomePod and more… Apple has big plans outside of iPhone production in Vietnam.

The components of MacBooks have become more modular than in the past, making it easier to manufacture laptops outside of China, but how to make it cost-competitive is another challenge.

Apple Committed to Moving Production to Vietnam

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The problem with the modular nature of the MacBook Pro is that assembly still requires a large supply chain, which is not yet available in Vietnam. As a result, the Apple Watch, which is said to be in test production from both Luxshare and Foxconn, is reportedly in better condition. Despite the smaller supply chain required for the Apple Watch, the device is said to require extremely precise manufacturing.

Reportedly, being able to produce with such precision is seen as an important win for Vietnam in the country’s attempts to improve its technology production. All major international technology firms plan to reduce their reliance on China as a single source of manufacturers.