Apple and Google on the Verge of a New Investigation

Apple will be investigated again by South Korea ‘s telecommunications regulator , along with Google and One Store , which are suspected of violating in-app payment rules .

The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) announced in a statement that it has been conducting a review of Apple, Google and the One Store since May 17 to determine whether they violated in-app payment laws and decided that all three companies should be re-investigated. Such violations may include unfairly delaying the review of mobile content or refusing, delaying, restricting, deleting or blocking the registration, renewal or review of mobile content that uses third-party payment methods. For this reason , a detailed investigation and examination is required in order to fully identify the actual violation .

Apple and Google on the Verge of a New Investigation

Apple and Google Stores May Have Significant Changes

If the new investigation detects malpractice, the KCC can issue remedial orders and fines as high as 2% of average annual revenue from relevant business practices, but little is known yet about specific violations of law that the regulator suspects.

In January, Apple announced that it would comply with a new South Korean law that forbids developers from using their own in-app purchase systems . In late June, the change went into effect, allowing developers to use alternative payment systems in South Korea.

It’s not entirely clear why Apple is still under investigation, given that Apple is now allowing developers to use third-party payment systems in the South Korean App Store, but it’s apparently under scrutiny for many apps, like Google and the One Store. they will be held.