Amazon Buys iRobot

Amazon is buying iRobot , one of the world’s largest manufacturers of robot vacuums . For the acquisition, Amazon is expected to pay $ 61 per share , for a total of $1.7 billion .

Founded in 1990 by Colin Angle, Rodney Brooks and Helen Greiner, iRobot launched its first product in 2002 . The company, which is seen as one of the leading companies in the field of robot vacuum cleaners, has  sold more than 30 million vacuum cleaners in approximately 20 years .

Amazon Buys iRobot

“Consumers Love iRobot Products”

Providing information to the press about the purchase, Amazon Senior Vice President Dave Limp said, “Consumers love iRobot products. It is very exciting for me to work with the iRobot team on ways to make users’ lives easier.” said.

Colin Angle, who is currently in the position of CEO of iRobot, is expected to take place. There is no information about the future of Amazon Astro , one of the first products Amazon brought to the smart home robot concept, after the iRobot purchase. The robot, which also has Alexa support , is thought to be much better in the future thanks to the experience of the famous home technology company iRobot.