After flying for more than 37 days, the new UAV of the US military sets a new record

The U.S. Army recently announced that the “Zefeng” UAV, which was jointly developed with Airbus Group, began on June 15 and successfully flew for more than 37 days, breaking the 26-day flight record of the same model.

 After flying for more than 37 days, the new UAV of the US military sets a new record

The “Zephyr” drone is powered by solar energy and was first designed by the British company Qinetiq in 2003. During the demonstration to the US Army in 2008, it flew at an altitude of 61,000 feet for 82 hours. time, breaking the record of continuous drone flight.

After Kennethick sold the Zephyr solar UAV system to Airbus Group in 2013, it continued to cooperate with the U.S. Army to develop the latest Zyphyr 8 solar UAV, with a wingspan of 25 meters and a weight of about 75 kilograms (lithium battery). The battery is 25 kg), can carry 5 kg of equipment, and uses GaAS three-connected solar cells, which can be self-charging while flying, achieving extremely long and long-distance flight capabilities.

Michael Monteleone, the U.S. Army’s Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing / Space Cross-Functional Team (APNT/Space) who is in charge of the test, said that with extremely long distances like the Zephyr And UAVs with airborne time can greatly improve the U.S. military‚Äôs reconnaissance capabilities.

During the 37-day test, Zyphyr 8 passed a series of levels, including the first cross-border flight, cross-sea flight, and long-term remote control flight using satellite signals. Until now, Zyphyr 8 is still flying, so the longest flight record is increasing.

The U.S. Army said that after this test is completed, it will conduct another long-distance flight test in the Pacific region within a few weeks, and the next time Zyphyr will be equipped with Army Futures Command (Army Futures Command, AFC) for the drone The designed military communication and detection equipment further moves towards official service.