A new video for Diablo 4 has been leaked

Images leaked from Diablo 4 alpha tests started to fall on the internet. While some were removed after release, we have a video with some new details on the game’s character creation screen. We’ve recently heard news that the developers’ friends and family have access to and are playing the game’s alpha. It seems that these new leaked images also belong to that version.

New video for Diablo 4 leaked

In the new leaked video, we can see the character customization and difficulty selection screens. Removed but yours taken from the alpha version of the new video game available. In special editions, you can see the watermark to make it easier for leakers to be identified. They will probably also easily identify the person who posted these images.

The resulting character creation screen shows the face and body types for players to choose from, but we don’t know if this will appear in the final version as well. In other words, it was taken from a very early version to be able to criticize it.

A new video for Diablo 4 has been leaked

It seems that there is no way to turn off the texts that appear in order to teach the game in Diablo 4 game. Instead, you will be presented with different options where you can see more or less of them. Unfortunately, that’s all for now, all the details that the leaked short video gives us.

We recently released the Diablo 4 beta version.It was allegedly added on Battle.nethowever, no official date has been given for the beta yet. Blizzard’s anticipated production Diablo 4 will be released in 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC platforms. No exact release date has been given yet.