A New Sunburst Is On The Horizon: Prepare To See The Northern Lights

On August 14 and August 15, two coronal mass ejections from the Sun erupted. Space weather experts have warned that this could lead to increased geomagnetic activity. Energy from solar flares is expected to reach Earth on August 18, and this could trigger images of the northern lights south of New York.

As always, when solar energy triggers geomagnetic storms in Earth ‘s magnetic field, it causes the northern lights. These storms are the result of solar energy from eruptions hitting Earth’s outer atmosphere . When this happens, it can often create dazzling light shows in the sky.

Normally these lights are only visible in the far north, but these approaching storms can reach further south.

When solar flares reach Earth, they can reach the northern lights in the sky as far south as New York , Space.com reports . The resulting geomagnetic activity will be the product of two Solar flares leaving the Sun earlier this week.

A New Sunburst Is On The Horizon: Prepare To See The Northern Lights

Post-Flare Rays Expected to Reach Earth This Week

Of course, geomagnetic activity is nothing new, especially as the activity grows deeper as we go deeper into the Sun’s 11-year cycle , but these solar flares are worrisome because one eruption could overpower the other. If this happens, it will create a powerful coronal mass ejection that can wreak havoc on our planet’s magnetic field .

When a geomagnetic storm wreaks havoc on our planet, it has the potential to cause problems with communications, satellites, and more. That’s why astronomers and space weather experts are paying close attention to the current dynamics of these two Solar flares, and as they approach Earth, they will look for any signs that the two are converging.

A New Sunburst Is On The Horizon: Prepare To See The Northern Lights

Moreover, the Sun currently has five Sunspot regions that can send out solar flares. These Solar flares reach Earth almost instantly and strike a blow to our magnetic field . So some of these already cause minor radio outages. While these solar flares are more powerful, we have a long way to go so we can prepare for them a little better.

Space weather experts expect we’ll continue to see more Solar flares like this one as the Sun’s activity increases before it reaches the apex of its 11-year cycle. When this happens, the Sun’s magnetic poles will change direction and activity will gradually decrease again. All we can do is wait and hope that whatever comes to us from solar energy does not cause major power outages or similar.