A New Poverty Chain Case in Turkey: Owner Under Detention

Turkey is once again faced with a Ponzi scheme similar to Çiftlik Bank . The company named Deterjan Pazarı , located in Ankara ‘s Kahramankazan district, has serious Ponzi scheme accusations.

The fact that people who have been involved in the system for a while could not get their money and the claim that Süleyman Kocabaş , the owner of the company, disappeared, prompted the authorities. 7 managers of the company , including Süleyman Kocabaş, were detained on charges of fraud .

A New Poverty Chain Case in Turkey: Owner Under Detention

It is claimed that 100 million liras were made out of 10 thousand people!

Detergent Market has been selling raw materials to the people it works with under the name of an e-commerce site since the day it was founded . People who buy the chemicals used to make bath balls sell the products they make with the help of these raw materials back to the Detergent Market . When the company buys back the bath balls , it charges 3 times the raw material price . 200 people included in the system gathered in front of the factory in Kahramankazan yesterday on the grounds that they could not receive their payments for two months . In addition, many people thought that they were defrauding and filed a criminal complaint against Süleyman Kocabaş. Police forces searched 4 workplaces and 14 addresses in total belonging to the company..

Our customers have to wait. We want a 3-month process on payments. Those who wait will wait, and with those who do not wait, we will grumble now, there is nothing to do. Let’s be reasonable. Everyone find fault with themselves.

-The Owner of the Detergent Market Süleyman Kocabaş

Süleyman Kocabaş, who made a live broadcast from his social media account after the allegations against him; He stated that detergentpazari.com is going through a difficult process, is still at work and has not been able to sell anything for 2 months . Stating that he will make the payments soon, Kocabaş requested a 3-month commitment from his customers .

In the examination carried out at the factory, it was determined that the products purchased were waiting idle in the factory and that these products were not sold either abroad or in the country . Police determined that the Detergent Market made a profit of 100 million liras from 10 thousand people . Investigations against the company are still ongoing. At the moment, the company’s website, detergentpazari.com , can not be reached.