A Former Twitter Employee Reveals Twitter’s Secrets

Twitter ‘s former head of security has spoken seriously not only about the company’s security practices, but also about the potential for foreign governments and organizations to influence the company. According to Peiter “Mudge” Zatko , Twitter’s dealings with other countries may be putting the national security of the United States at risk.

As reported by CNN, the allegations detail specific concerns with Russia, China and India.

“A few months before CTO Parag Agrawal was promoted to CEO, Agrawal suggested to Mudge that Twitter should consider bowing to Russian Federation censorship and surveillance requests as a way to grow users in Russia ,” claims published by The Washington Post . statements are included.

A Former Twitter Employee Reveals Twitter's Secrets

Twitter Meets With Russia Behind Closed Doors

The document does not specify the steps that Agrawal suggested. As CNN points out  , before invading Ukraine , Russia tried to force big tech companies, including Twitter, to open local offices in the country . The claim states that “the recommendation was never followed or implemented,” but states that the proposal was “a cause for concern over Twitter’s implications for U.S. national security” and contradicts Jack Dorsey ‘s wishes.

Zatko also raises questions about Twitter’s financial relationship with unnamed “Chinese entities.” The allegations state that Twitter “relies on revenue from Chinese entities even if the Twitter service is blocked in China.”

This isn’t the first time Twitter has encountered an employee accused of spying for another country . A former Twitter employee was recently convicted of spying for Saudi Arabia.