400% raise for Capcom games on Steam

Playing games in our country has become very difficult, especially for big budget productions, which we call AAA. More precisely, the purchase of these games, which are already luxurious, is now going towards impossible. Although Steam is standing upright like the castle of the players with its lower exchange rate compared to other platforms, we have started to see that some companies are slowly starting to close this gap. Here on Steam, up to 400% zas of Capcom games started to be made.

400% raise for Resident Evil games on Steam

Capcom is a company that keeps the release price of AAA games more affordable than others on the Steam platform, especially. Whether it’s Resident Evil games or other productions, we always saw that they had more affordable pricing than other big-budget games when they were released. However, after the recent price hikes, there may be a big change in this situation.

Capcom at first Resident Evil seriesHe has given a raise to many of his games, especially. Moreover, there is a rate of up to 400% according to the release period of the games. We see that even the old games, which normally watch in the 70 – 80 TL band, are over 200 TL. On the other hand, despite these increasing prices and the price hikes, the fact that the prices of these games are still affordable from abroad is a truly tragicomic situation. The hikes and old prices for some games are as follows;

  • Resident Evil 1 Remake: 40 TL – 200 TL
  • Resident Evil 2 Remake: 179 TL – 403 TL
  • Resident Evil 7: 89 TL – 202 TL
  • Devil May Cry HD Collection: 89 TL – 300 TL
  • Devil May Cry 5: 250 TL – 300 TL
  • Mega Man 11: 89 TL – 300 TL

400% raise for Capcom games on Steam